Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer

We share lessons learned the hard way, so that other families can have a better path.



Vision loss can be scary, but it is an obstacle not an ending. We’re still learning how to navigate it, but we’ll share what we’ve learned.

Charities & Foundations

Charities & Foundations

Learn more about the Foundations and Charities that are doing important work to improve and save lives.

Our mission and vision

Providing parents and families the resources they need to navigate the emotional and devastating journey of pediatric brain cancer and vision loss.


Specialists rapid-fire new words and phrases and it can be hard to understand what’s happening.

Lessons Learned

Symptoms, surgeries, and specialists — in our blog we share what we’ve learned.


There are wonderful people working to improve the lives of our kids. Please support them.

Braving Thursdays

It was a Thursday night when my water broke with our third child, a daughter — the princess of our family. Five years later, it was a Thursday morning when we learned her brain was herniating due to a massive brain tumor and we rushed her to the ER for emergency surgery. It was 68 consecutive Thursdays the following year that we would take her to chemotherapy appointments to combat brain cancer.

We are still braving Thursdays, but we have learned a lot and want to help other families so that they can have an easier journey.

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“When you know better, you do better.” ~ Maya Angelou
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