When Kiara was diagnosed, other cancer moms told me to start a binder for her documents. It was about a year later when she began chemo treatments and she was a new school with a number of specialists that I finally put a binder together.

In Kiara’s binder I have sections for:

  • General Medical. This is where I put info from her pediatrician and dentist, as well as a medical history, immunizations, and labs/scans log.
  • Neurosurgery. This section has the contact info of her neurosurgeons, information about her v/p shunt, and other handouts.
  • Oncology. This is where I keep the contact info of her oncologist, her chemo roadmap, a log of her blood counts (ANCs) at each chemo treatment, and other notes about how her chemo treatments are going.
  • Vision. This section contains contact info for her ophthalmologist and optometrist, and handouts/reports from them.
  • Therapy. This section includes contact info and handouts for PT and OT specialists.
  • Education. This section has contact info for her principal, assistant principal, SpEd teacher, O&M, TVI, etc. It contains ARD and IEP info and other school-related documents.
  • Disability. This section has the contact info for her state HHS case worker and any other government-related disability documents.
  • Other. This is a catch-all section that has documents, such as FMLA papers, donations and gifts, etc.

I wanted her binder to be bright and colorful, and I found this great Medical Printables set on Etsy that makes it adorable. Fortunately the seller also gave me editable files so I was able to make some additional forms that I needed, such as Chemo Counts and School Conversations.