When Kiara started pre-K, she started throwing up more and more. It was a white, foamy vomit — not food or bile — and usually happened in the morning. We went to the pediatrician several times, and tried eliminating gluten and dairy from her diet. We spoke to teachers about lowering anxiety. This went on for 5 months before we knew something was dangerously wrong. Pro Tip: Get an MRI! We didn’t know that this was being caused by hydrocephalus. If you can’t get in with a specialist, go to the ER. Maybe Kiara wouldn’t be blind today if we went to the ER in December instead of waiting for the first-available neurologist appointment months later. I used to worry about going to the ER — that it would be too expensive or I’d be overreacting, but if I could go back in time I’d go the day she started throwing up the white, foamy vomit.