On a Thursday morning went to an imaging center for the MRI. We were eager to get the results, but figured that we’d get the results in a couple of days. She was strongly sedated and we had just finished putting on her shoes when the nurses came in. They told us to take her immediately to the ER and the neurosurgeon had been paged and would meet us here. Terrified and confused, we moved in panicked daze. Mike ran and got the truck and I carried Kiara to the curb, got in with her in my lap, and Mike rushed us next door to the hospital. Over the next hour doctors, nurses, aides, administrators, nurse practitioners, clergy, surgeons, social workers, and many others filled our ER room like a buzzing beehive. We learned of the tumor, but no one would tell us what kind (because pathology wouldn’t be known for another week and it was not good to speculate). The first surgery was to insert an EVD to relieve pressure in her brain.